Injury and fatality quantum

Fatal Accidents

We can assist with dependency claim quantum and act as expert adviser and expert witness on a range of matters - self employed and employed:
• We work on complex loss of business profit claims
- where business or circumstances complex
• Experienced on farming cases and wealth creator cases
- with associated nuances
• Experienced in assessing ‘true’ dependency versus profit allocation


Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence

We provide full support on all quantum issues in personal injury and clinical negligence matters:

  • We regularly report on loss of profit estimates from straightforward to complex including those where

    alternative scenarios are required

  • CPR reports to SoL calculations & annexes for loss of salary, pension losses & employment benefits
  • Full expert adviser and expert witness service


Support Calculating Losses

We can provide support with the preparation of loss of earnings/pension schedules by providing quantum calculations and data analysis in a form suitable for inclusion into pleadings as well as financial input to litigation on a sub- contract basis. In the right circumstances, this can be more effective, efficient and ultimately cheaper than solicitors undertaking the work in-house.

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