Forensic Accountancy Service

Richard Formby, offers a dedicated service based on extensive experience, addressing matters of quantum, accountancy, financial investigation and business disputes in general.

Richard Formby can assist with the dispute process in a number of ways:

  • Party Appointed or Single Joint Expert

  • Expert Adviser

  • Expert Determiner


We can undertake any aspect of work within these areas including more specialised activities such as undertaking preliminary investigations, drafting Part 35.6 questions, advising on Part 36 offers, assisting with the preparation of cases for mediation or ADR and assisting with, or leading, negotiations to settle disputes. With difficult cases we can provide an early stage briefing on quantum and related evidence issues to enable solicitors and counsel to assess the viability and/or direction of a case in relation to quantum.


Expert Witness

An expert witness has an overriding duty to provide clear and unbiased advice to the Court on those matters they are instructed to address. We appreciate the necessity for all parties to address the issue of proportionality and at all times we take into account the requirements placed upon parties by the Civil Procedure Rules - in particular the regime of case management.

We ensure our forensic service is CPR compliant and that we operate in accordance with the ‘code of practice and guidelines’ and the ‘general professional principles’ for Expert Witnesses.



Expert Adviser

We provide advice on quantum at all stages of a claim. We are able to offer advice which will enable you, to judge in advance, the possible result on quantum and the strengths of particular arguments or evidence. We offer a low, fixed, fee preliminary assessment and fixed cost reviews of Schedules of Loss or your opponent’s calculations.

We also act as ‘shadow’ experts; technically evaluating an expert opinion, identifying questions to ask of a joint expert or advising on cross examination points.


Expert Determiner

We can also act as Expert Determiner, which can be particularly well suited to matters involving business valuations, warranty claims, alleged professional negligence or fee disputes. A determination appointment can be tailored to the precise needs of the parties and can be a particularly swift and cost effective alternative to litigation.


Litigation Support

We can provide support with the preparation of loss schedules, witness statements and other documents by providing quantum calculations, narrative and data analysis in a form suitable for inclusion into pleadings as well as financial input to litigation on a sub-contract basis. In the right circumstances, this can be more effective, efficient and ultimately cheaper than solicitors undertaking the work in-house.

We offer a flexible approach and will tailor our involvement to suit your needs. We provide a range of services from ‘simple number crunching’ to in-depth work (for example, interviewing your client, gathering and analysing evidence, formulating loss quantum calculations and presenting these with relevant figure work and narrative for inclusion in pleadings.)

We can provide sub-contract work, on an agency basis, in a non branded/white label format if desired.


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