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We offer a range of litigation support services, which we can tailor to suit your needs as a litigator and also the needs of the case.

It can be cheaper and more effective to delegate aspects of the loss quantum development within a case. However, we appreciate that you need to be confident that the work is in safe hands and will want to choose your own level of involvement in the work delegated. Richard Formby is a fully qualified chartered accountant with many years experience of providing effective litigation support. He works with solicitors to identify what they require on a particular case and deliver a fully professional service at competitive rates to meet their needs. With our rates discounted against Band A & B guideline rates, this can be cost effective in terms of rates, as well as efficient through use of our expertise with numbers.

On some claims this may be some assistance with ‘number crunching’ aspects of the loss and producing simple tables of calculations for inclusion in correspondence, schedules or other documents. On other cases we can offer a more comprehensive service, interviewing the Claimant, gathering and analysing quantum evidence and presenting loss quantum narrative and calculations for inclusion within Schedules of Loss. We ensure you are kept fully aware of any aspects of the work we undertake and can also provide copy recordings of any interviews with the Claimant for your records if desired.

We also assist Claimants to draw out their own evidence and help to draft their witness statements in relation to describing their business changes or other aspects of loss. This is particularly helpful where the loss is not ‘obvious’ but hidden in a serious of changes and financial data. The Claimant may know there is a loss but needs accountancy help to draw out the relevant supporting data and clearly present it.

In the above we can prepare calculations for inclusion in pleadings. We always provide a clear trail of what assumptions are relied upon and identify points of note.

Less obvious areas but where we are increasingly becoming involved is for longer term absences for both employed and self-employed Claimants. We can identify the losses, draw out the evidence and any issues with it and present loss quantum for inclusion within the pleadings. This can be a sound alternative to expert evidence, where disallowed or cost prohibitive. You can involve us at any stage and choose how much you wish to delegate and how much you wish to be involved in the process. Our easy to follow briefings and schedules ensure that you and your client fully understand everything we produce and the Court is presented with a clear position on loss. This allows you to relax in the knowledge that ‘quantum is safely in hand’ and frees your time up for other matters.

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