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Preliminary review

As part of our range of litigation support services we offer a preliminary review, assessment and advice on loss quantum. This popular service provides an invaluable, early, assessment of the areas of potential loss and supporting evidence. It is a cost effective means to plan and advance or respond to loss quantum on a claim; increasing confidence in the understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the case and helping to weigh up issues in the context of costs.


Options After Preliminary Review

No further action – the written advice can be enough to guide a suitable approach to quantum.

Application to Court – the written advice can provide invaluable information and explanation to support an application for the use of expert evidence and getting cost budget approval.

Expert witness – Richard Formby can draw upon his extensive experience to assist with the gathering of further quantum evidence, trade/business analysis, forming opinion and quantifying and presenting this in a fully compliant CPR report.

Assistance with Schedule of Loss – where there is no permission for expert quantum evidence, assistance can be provided with evidence gathering and earnings/business data analysis, loss calculations and preparation of schedule of loss appendices.

Other calculations/analysis – assistance can be given with the preparation of tables, helping the Claimant to better articulate their evidence in relation to business/income changes. These tables can successfully form an important / crucial loss quantification function in circumstances where expert evidence is not permitted and it is relevant to include such tables within the witness evidence.

We can review schedules of loss, quantum evidence or calculations at any stage of litigation should reassurance be sought or a second opinion considered helpful. One review, just a few weeks before trial led to a change in the loss figures of over £90,000.


Review of Opponent's Figures / Expert Evidence

We can also review an opponent’s loss figures or their expert evidence. Our Forensic Services team will tailor their approach; cross-checking analysis and calculations with the evidence and applying extensive knowledge of loss claims built up over many years. For complex losses we can provide advice on the next steps, including advice on the cost of preparing alternative calculations and scenario analysis.


Other Litigation Support

In any case, working on a sub-contract (advisory rather than witness capacity) basis, we can provide expert support with the preparation of white label schedules. We can provide loss quantum calculations and data analysis in a form suitable for inclusion into pleadings. In the right circumstances, this can be effective, efficient and ultimately cheaper than solicitors undertaking the work in-house. This sub-contract approach will suit a variety of situations.


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