How to manage your quantum expert

Formby Forensics

Tighter costs budgets mean solicitors must take a more hands-on approach to the selection and supervision of experts, says Richard Formby

There are certain business risks and financial pressures that litigators have to keep in mind, now more than ever, when ‘deploying’ expert quantum evidence, which, while valuable to the case, are often time-consuming and costly.

Due diligence

The most obvious business risk is that you instruct the wrong expert and the evidence you need to support your case goes horribly wrong. Add to that the risk that your expert fails to meet the timetabling of your case; not just the timetable for the service of the report, but supplemental reports, replies to questions or the experts’ meeting, and the joint statement.

It is hard enough now getting permission to use an accountancy expert, let alone trying to ‘change horses’, or having to face the consequences of missed deadlines. So make sure you do your due diligence…

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The article was first published in the Solicitors Journal