“We instructed Richard Formby as an expert witness in a complex claim in the Hong Kong High Court for a medical negligence fatality suffered by a UK national undergoing treatment in Hong Kong.

Richard provided a highly professional service, very clear expert’s report and all delivered from across the World.

An approachable forensic accountant that delivers”

David Hoare Partner, Haldanes, Hong Kong

I confirm that Counsel has now had an opportunity to review your report and has advised that,

“it is probably the best quality one I’ve seen and I’ll be recommending Richard Formby to others. He appears to have taken into account all the relevant points”

Naomi Todd Senior Associate, Royds Withy King

I have worked with Richard Formby in a wide range of different cases over more than a decade. As well as the more usual types of income, pension and business-related loss, these have included assessing the value of the lost chance of developing a substantial data storage business; following abuse of dominant position proceedings, assessing lost cremation and funeral revenues in the (then) Competition Commission; the value (in a Fatal Accident Claim) of losses of a nascent surveying business secretly developed in competition with the deceased’s employer; the financial value of the chance of having progressed from a successful to a stellar career in acting; and the value of the ingenuity, knowledge and energy of a prominent dairy farmer killed in a road accident (in which Richard acted for the opposing party).

In every one of these cases, whether five, six or seven figures, Richard has been energetic, positive, and assiduous in his analysis. Often by working directly with clients, he analysed and explained complex issues with lucidity and even touches of creative genius. He has been, and remains, the ‘go to’ man for many of the solicitors with whom I work, and given the choice in a crowded marketplace, I will always recommend him.

Julian Benson Barrister, Guildhall Chambers

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard Formby to clients in heavy cases with complicated accountancy issues. Richard is extremely thorough and quickly penetrates to the heart of the issues, bringing a highly creative and constructive approach to the formulation of a sound basis for assessing business losses.

John Snell Barrister, Guildhall Chambers

I have worked with Richard Formby for almost 20 years. He has a palpable passion for business that is evident as soon as you meet him. The extent and breadth of his experience across a vast range of business sectors means that there are few business scenarios that he has not encountered previously. In the last couple of years I have instructed him in cases involving businesses as diverse as large scale data storage, surveying and frozen meal franchising.

Richard is by far and away the most ‘hands on’ expert witnesses you will encounter. From initial instruction, he clearly relishes rolling up his sleeves and getting to the heart of the issues in the case. Insightful, pragmatic, unflagging and courteous, clients and counsel warm to him quickly.

Pitched regularly against the large national forensic teams, Richard is clearly a much respected opponent and, with considerable experience of giving evidence in Court, if the case does litigate it is reassuring to have Richard in your corner.

Richard Lowes Partner, BLB Solicitors

I have instructed Richard on numerous occasions over many years as an expert in forensic accountancy on both a sole and joint instruction basis. I have also attended several of his informative lectures and seminars.

Richard provides an excellent level of service in a friendly and unstuffy manner.  His expert reports are concise and explained in plain English so as to be clear to the Court and those instructing him.

Fully conversant with his duties as an expert witness and understanding the importance of proportionality in modern litigation, Richard will tailor his input to the needs of those instructing him, whilst abiding by time and cost constraints imposed by the Court.

Mark Tawn Solicitor, Davey Law

Richard provides not only an excellent Expert Witness service, but is also invaluable as an Expert Adviser.  He works in a constructive way, providing helpful assistance with obtaining and analysing financial evidence for those injured claimants with businesses and others with less ‘straight forward’ financial affairs.

Lee Hart Lee Hart, Partner and Specialist in Serious Injuries – Clarke Willmott
Clarke Willmott
Davey Law
Guildhall Chambers
BLB Solicitors

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